The Troubles Of False Allegations Of Rape

by Cyclic Magazine

His entire life almost ruined

Brian Banks had his entire life ahead of him coming out of school. He was proposed to be one of the best football players America had ever seen. Until a cheerleader accused him of rape and he was sent to jail.

He spent 5 years in jail, and then 5 years on a strict probation until 2012, 10 years after she accused him of rape, she came out and said she lied about it and that he had done no wrong.

10 years of his life were just ruined by some woman who, for some reason, decided to make such a horrible accusation against a great human being.

At first, they werent going to punish the woman, but now she has to pay 2 million dollars for all the pain and suffering she caused Brian Banks.

Sometimes you have to believe that not every story about rape is true, while at the same time, it is extremely hard to disregard a woman who is a true victim of harassment and rape. But no one deserves to be wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they have not committed. No one, not Brian Banks.

Woman sent Brian a friend request on Facebook in spite of the alleged rape accusation

Unbelievably, the woman sent Brian a friend request on Facebook in 2011, while he was still on his probation. She described herself as feeling guilty and wanted to make amends as she had caused him to lose his chances of going to college and playing football. She told him and his private investigator in a taped interview that he did not rape herit was all a fabricated lie induced by a 1.5 million payout.

Woman refused to confess

During the hearing, the woman accuser refused to confess her iniquity to the prosecution so she would keep the 1.5 million dollars settlement she got in a lawsuit against the school where the alleged rape supposedly happened. But the court still let Banks go in a hearing that lasted less than a minute when he was considered a free man and had his criminal record wiped clean.

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The prosecutors decided to not press charges against her because they believed thatit would be a hard case to prove“.

But all is not bad, Banks did play for the Atlanta Falcons and now actually works for the NFL operations centersomething that he loved.   

By Josh Oswald

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