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Prince Harry and Meghan

Reading from the article by the Apprentice’s Karen Brady in a print news column that slammed Prince Harry for his “Royal Wokeness” “amid the Ukraine war”, it is not clear why the Prince was branded a “laughing-stock and out of touch”, while trying to live a normal life.  

Prince Harry  is nigh-on living up to what his mother Princess Diana had wanted – “to raise her children to be asnormalas possibledespite the fact that they were royalty”.

Source: I Princess Diana wanted to raise her boys as normal as possible –  Google

Living a normal life…

It can only be one option and none other than the pursuit of life as normal as possible. “Despite the fact that they were royaltyand with demanding royal responsibilities, may somehow open the way for life out of the ordinary. Almost everything the royals do is controlled by the cabal of the royal establishmentfrom how to talk, how to walk, how to sit, how to smileto how to be a royal. Not always easy to  play a royal character even when you are sometimes not in the mood. 

Lucky when you visit your local grocery shop with a famed face and no one knows you.

Most people out there dont know what intrusion of privacy by the media is like. Prince Harrys mother Princess Diana battled with paparazzi until the day she died. If Harry wasnt a royal, obviously there wont be media interest, and as long as salacious piece on the royals sell like hot cakes to a sea of ravenous readership, there will be royal enthusiasts ready for the hot take.

For most young men, the same age as Prince Harry, living a normal life with a new family and young children to raise, it is a priority that is inescapable, royal or not.

On the contrary, what Karen Bradys piece on Harry is implying is that; it is alright for the young Prince to forego his immediate responsibilities in California and dash to the UKto the same family Karen accused him ofdumping”. Point of correction, Harry in the first place never lived in a dump he was accused of dumping, and using the word “DUMPING” was obviously a calculated attempt by Karen Brady to provoke emotions over Prince Harry she accused for not supporting the victims of the Ukraine war. But we are of course, concerned about victims of war anywhere in the world, and that of the Ukraine is no different. And as individuals, we have different ways of lending support on any matter of the day, even when it is sometimes not televised

The Invictus Games Speech 2022

The Invictus Games Speech 2022 – Youtube Video

Prince Harry as most people know it is behind Invictus games and he has indeed supported numerous humane projects we dont hear about. So, for Karens piece to single out Harry as a royal member not supporting the victims of the Ukraine war is malign and preposterous. If or when the spirit moves the Prince to pay homage to the war victims, which he will eventually do his way and when his schedule permits without unduly media pressure.

Moreover, its not in Prince Harrys stead to represent the UK in the Ukraine matter. There are senior members of the royal familyPrince Charles et al, more qualified than Harry to perform such national duty, which the Queen and Kate have both already enacted.

No need for royal cavalcade that often winds up in alluring headlines predicated on a royal member accused of upstaging another, or perhaps something else. Does the baby look humanly possible? Not so long ago, Danny Baker, “a comedy writer who hosted a weekend show on the BBCs 5 Live channel, was fired by the network for a racist tweet depicting Archie, the newborn son of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, as a monkey”.

BBC radio presenter Danny Baker fired over racist royal baby tweet – CNN

Stupid unthinking gagsupposed to be a joke”, turns out to be a slashandburn racist subliminal messages revealing a chimpanzee wearing clothes, captioned with a text, “Royal Baby leaves hospital”. That became of course, one of the most widely criticized post on social media considering that Meghan is a mixed race

Media attacks and racist remarks from the likes of Danny Baker may have inevitably prompted Harry and Meghan to relocate to California.

Besides, who wants to be in an environment clouded by such level of racism? 

But Karen Bradys piece accused Harry ofdumpinghis family in the UK without substantiating her claim.

Nay, Prince Harry had neverdumped” his family in the UK, the prince for now, lives in California just as many English people live in Spain or other parts of the world. Nothing wrong with considering where you lay your hat your home. Let the Prince breathe. 

Let the young man live his life the way it makes him happy. After all, Is happiness not what we all want to live up toSo, let him have it and let him be.

CNN 130 Years Of Coca Cola Ads – Google 

Character Butchery

Bogged down in time-wasting character butchery of an individual takes away the real essence of what matters hereinthe victims of a raging conflict in Ukraine and should add other wars in other parts of the world.

Karen should be reminded that during the war in Afghanistan, Prince Harry as a single man back then did of course perform his military duty there, despite the fact that he is a royalty and could’ve chosen to stay put. 
Video Source: On Demand Entertainment  – Youtube

In her piece, Karen claimed the “37-yearold royals” “actions look crasswhile therest of the world fears for the thousands in Ukraine who are losing their lives.” But the war in Ukraine is the matter for political leaders, nothing to do with theactionsof one man no matter howcrass”.

We have once or more in our lifetime as individuals done stupid things we look back in hindsight with regrets.

So, playing fancy dress or makingcrassactions from Prince Harry is no different. Its part of the human development into life as normal. But if doing what normal people do is “crass” to some, how then can he attain life as normal? That Harry is of a royal blood does not exclude him from making mistakes just as any normal person out there and that includes exercising some fun without being apologetic about it or being crucified for it.

Once in a while, we let our guards down and go all out crazy in the place of fun – always a great therapy for stress remedy. 

With inescapable arduous royal duties to perform, and can be very odious without once in a while going all out crazy for fun to control the stress beat, the Prince will be all work and no play. Besides, he is not perfect as most people might think. Prince Harry is first a human and second a royalty. He is only “37-yearsoldwith many years ahead of him to learn and grow.

Prince Harry is learning.

He learned from the mistake he made once and last time at a fancy dress party where he wore a jacket with a swastika logo on the sleeve. That never happened again since because he certainly did learn from that incident, which he very much regretted.

Fancy Dress Party

Fancy Dress Party I Image I Source I Google 

But fancy dress party is usually fun because it exhibits the imaginative and creative attitude of humans through the choice of clothes paraded in a social sphere.

The Orange Ensemble

More insults from Brady continued to rain upon the Princehow he was seen in a video wearing orange ensemble while promoting his 2022 Invictus Games in the Hague, Netherlands, using the occasion tobrush up on his Dutch”. Bravo Prince Harry.

Prince Harry In Orange Clothes

Source: I The Independent I Google 

Prince Harry speaks Dutch.

How many English people can actually speak more than English language?

In a universal language, what happened at the BAFTA as Bradys piece coined it alaughing stock”, shouldnt be anyones palaver. Since Harry married Meghan, things have never been quite the same for the Prince who faces barrage of criticisms from the press and Karens piece is no different. People should get over a unique marriage between two special individuals Prince Harry and Meghan and wish them well. Its not easy to come from a humble background and win over a Princes heart in a farfaraway land, let alone tie the knot. As of now, Prince Harry and Meghan are happy keeping close to their hearts their union covenant  – signed and sealed.

Nothing is new under the sun with the Windsor family. They have had their scandals and divorces just like any normal family out there with family issues.

So, it will be nothing new and no surprise should Prince Harry and Meghan’s marriage come to a head, hope not.

When Camilla married Prince Charles, many people weren’t amused at all, as Princess Dian’s death was then still fresh in many minds. But that eventually got nursed and cured.

Camilla is today accepted by most people in the UK and would probably be ascending the throne as the next Queen of England when the time comes

If people think Oprah Winfreys conversation with Prince Harry and Meghan went horribly wrong, or that the interviewees both said more or less, or that one of them said more than the other, the truth is, the house of Windsor is no stranger to bad press. Whatever Harry and Meghan did say to Oprah would be weaponized out of context by the media for readership gain.

Not just the media that the couple had to contend with, they also had to deal with the cabal of the royal establishment that may or not have created the tension that instigated the interview with Oprah in the first place. Other tension have also instigated the  documentarythe Tension Between The Queen Mother and Prince Philip (Behind Closed Doors) lividabout Royal Family name snub.

How should it be? or what is it going to be?

Tension Between The Queen Mother & Prince Philip – Source: I Youtube 

Whatever that was said about the Duke of Sussex at the  BAFTAs or said in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, will never diminish the dignified aspect of being a royaltya special inescapable privilege . Media attacks on Prince Harry and Meghan will come and go as well as those printing the attacks.

Written by Howard Francis

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