BLM Catalogue Of Disasters

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Patrice Khan-Cullors, Makani Themba & Monifa Bandele
Organization Without Responsibility

Over $90 million raised by the Black Lives Matter Network Foundation is unaccounted for and it is not clear yet who is exactly responsible for the funds. In the light of this, and not responding promptly to the requests for comment on its leadership, the BLM Network Foundation was asked to provide its account records.

BLM Network organization was incorporated in the state of Delaware as a nonprofit organization in December 2020, according to public records. It became since a protesting force for the Black people killed in America by the police. But critics say the BLM has moved away from a Black campaign movement to a philanthropic and political organization with no transparent democratic framework in place.

Unbelievable disregard to their supportersthose legitimate good will people who contributed to the money BLM raised

Marred by the alleged misappropriation of funds, the topmost priority of the BLM members would have been to clear their names. Reveal to the public who their members are; the board of directors, secretaries, treasurer, bank auditor or any other administrative bodies that constitute a fullfledged responsible organization. By virtue of their business conduct and no interest to right their wrong confirms unbelievable disregard to their supporters including those legitimate good will people who contributed to the money BLM raised.

Whos responsible for the money raised?

Patrice Khan Cullors, the only member we know her role in the BLM Network organization as the executive director stepped down not long after it was made public that over $90 million was raised in 2020 alone, according to a February 2021 financial report published by the nonprofit.

One of our biggest goals this year is taking the dollars we were able to raise in 2020,  and building out the institution weve been trying to build for the last seven and a half years,” the thenBLMGNF executive director Patrisse KahnCullors told the Associated Press last year.

BLM also said; “it planned to focus on economic justice in the coming year, especially as it pertained to the pandemics impact on black communities, as well as grow an endowment to sustain the organization longterm”.

Big cockup by BLM members?

After the big cockup by some BLM members on the money raised, who would ever trust them again to keep their vows. Patrice Khan Cullors stepped down handing over to Makani Themba and Monifa Bandele, which role in the organization is again unclear. But whats clear was that an agent of the BLM said; KahnCullorswas paid $120,000 for her time in the organization. But what happened to the rest of the money?

Themba and Bandele told the Washington Examiner they never took the job. Themba adduced disagreements with BLM in a September Twitter post. “We never actually started in the position, so we never received any detailed information,” Themba told the Examiner.

If or when the investigation reveals that BLM indeed misappropriated the funds belonging to the Foundation, it will jeopardize the soul and spirit of the organization. To most of their supporters taking for granted, it will not sit well and to add insult to injury, a media source reported that KahnCullors was spotted on a real estate buying spree.

Where is the $90million  raised?
The catalogue of disasters

The catalogue of disaster continued when Kailee Scales the keeper of BLMGNFs books could not be traced when most wanted by The Post at a number listed in her tax filings. The Examiner reported thatit paid a visit to the Los Angeles address listed on those same tax forms, and was told by a security guard that BLM had never had offices there”.

With $60 million on hand, minus expenses, plus grant disbursements, the organization in 2020 claimed it distributed over $21 million to local NGOs affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. But with all the ongoing financial irregularities and leadership controversies besieging the organization,  who would ever believe anything they say or do

The Investigation Continues...

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