The Health & Entrepreneur Mindset With Tayo Awoderu – Calisthenics Athlete

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Today I am fortunate enough to bring you an interview with Calisthenics athlete Tayo Awoderu.

Tayo’s dedication and consistency towards Calisthenics is evident for all to see. He is now on a mission to inspire and help others progress on their own Calisthenics journey through his popular YouTube channel: Abnormal_Beings.

Through this interview we gain an insight into the motivation behind Tayo’s ambitious nature. We discuss his approach to training and business, as well as discussing the books and resources that have helped shape his mentality which has lead him to achieve so much at such a young age.


Through doing so we hope to learn, adapt, and apply Tayo’s thoughts and methods towards achieving our own personal fitness goals and broader life ambitions…

When did you starting training calisthenics and why?

I started 6 years ago when I was 18. I was inspired by Hannibal for King and Barstarzz videos on YouTube. I saw the crazy gravity defying movements they did and I wanted to be able to do that too. I’ve always been sporty and played football from an early age which helped me progress also with my calisthenics training.

How often do you train and how do you split your training plan? Do you incorporate weight training as well as Calisthenics into your training?

I train 4-5 times a week. Usually Push/Pull/Legs/Weights split. So I practice skills everyday more or less like handstands, levers, planches.  Few sets spread out throughout the day kind of like greasing the groove as I find this is the best way to learn and keep calisthenics skills (static holds). I then also train 45-60min long of sets and reps work which is my main workout the push/pull/legs/gym split. On pull days its weighted pull up work/ rows etc. Push day is weighted dips, push up work etc.

Legs is with weights barbell squats, hip thrusts, stiff leg dead. The other day in the gym is generally for aesthetics so I picked a muscle group I feel needs extra work on the upper chest and exercises dedicated for that muscle group. Example, the incline bench press, cable fly etc. So I mix weights with calisthenics.

Tayo's Intense legs & Abs Abnormal HIIT Workout

What do you think are the most important characteristics to develop in order to pursue your ambitions?

You have to know your way. Like why do you want to pursue your ambition. What’s the motivation behind it. It needs to be a strong enough reason so you can pursue it without getting demotivated because you are going to fail a lot but you have to be willing to fail your way to success. That’s the only way you’re going to learn and grow.

You have so much potential

Believe in yourself!! You have so much potential you don’t even realize. Just got to take that leap of faith and trust yourself.

What do you think is the number one thing that holds people back from achieving their fitness goals?

Comfort. People are too comfortable. If you want to achieve your fitness goals it requires hard work and everyone wants an easy quick fix. You got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s that or they don’t want it bad enough. If you really want to achieve your fitness goals you will make it happen. Excuses, finding excuse is another way of expressing you basically don’t want it that bad.

Watch and burn fat fast - Follow Along Abnormal H.I.I.T. Workout

Are there any people, books, or experiences that you would be willing to share with us, that have really helped shape your mentality?

‘The Secret’ – book about law of attraction. Watch Rhonda Byrne

Traveling when I can has really changed my mentality on where I want to be or what I want to be doing in this life.

How did you transform your passion for health and fitness into a successful business? What advice would you give to someone trying to do the same?

I just started to take action. Do what you can now, filming videos using my phone and editing them on my computer. Download free editing software on the internet. You can teach yourself a lot of things like editing through watching YouTube tutorials. So many resources at your disposal. Just make a start, find your uniqueness, be yourself, enjoy it!!

10 Min Full Body Abnormal HIIT Workout

Do some research, see what’s out there already, who is your target market, network, talk to people who have gone through what you are going through.

Future plans and goals for calisthenics and business?

100k on YouTube. Maybe have my own gym space or facilities somewhere. traveling, documenting my travels of fitness and sharing my knowledge. Sports modeling or being a brand ambassador too at one point looks cool. I still don’t know for sure but I know its in that direction.

Tayo’s Social Media:  
YouTube: Abnormal_Beings  
Instagram: abnormal_beings

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